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Get help with login issues like resetting your password and more.

Click on this link and enter the email address associated with your IGplan account to receive a password reset email.

Be sure to search your inbox for “IGplan” as sometimes the email can go to a different email folder, such as spam.

Unfortunately, you are unable to change the email address linked to your IGplan account. To change your password, Log in to IGplan and click the drop down menu on your IGplan name at the top right of your Dashboard or Activity page. Select Update, and here you will see the form to change your password.

If your email associated with your IGplan dashboard is no longer active, and you need to reset your password, please fill out this form and send it to us.
Subject: Other
Message: Answers to the next questions:

  • What is your inactive email address associated with your IGplan  account?
  • Which usernames are added to your dashboard?
  • Which payment method(s) have you used to pay on IGplan (last 4 digits for cards and/or email for PayPal accounts)?
  • What is the total amount and the date of your most recent payment?
  • What is the new email you would like to set?

If your answers will be correct, then our support managers will set your new email for your IGplan dashboard account and will let you know.

If you have forgotten your Instagram password, please bear in mind that this is an issue outside of the scope of IGplan.

Please visit the forgot password link from the Instagram app and follow the directions to reset your password. Bear in mind that the email reset link from Instagram will come to the email you set for your Instagram account, which may or may not be the same as the email you’re using for IGplan.

Please bear in mind that resetting your Instagram password is outside the scope of IGplan. You will need to follow the steps on the Instagram app to reset your Instagram password.

If you are being prompted by IGplan to verify your Instagram account with a 6-digit security code, please bear in mind that this code is coming from Instagram and not IGplan. We suggest that you verify immediately after receiving the code, as this code will expire.

If you are being asked by Instagram to change your password, please follow the steps Instagram outlines to complete this process. Please note that this is not a password reset from IGplan.

You may need to check your Instagram settings on their app to make sure you have the right email set up to receive the password reset email. Search your inbox for “Instagram” as this message could easily go to your spam folder.

It is important to verify the password reset as soon as you receive the email, as if you try to verify hours later, the reset link may have expired, and you will then need to generate a new password reset link and follow the verification steps again.

After you’ve verified with Instagram, you should be able to add or reconnect your Instagram account on IGplan using your username and password. Simply click “Reconnect account” to reconnect using your new Instagram password.

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