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If you’re experiencing problems with your Activity, get quick help here.

If you’ve selected any of the following under Targeting, you’ll need to scroll down and add usernames.

  • Followers
  • Followings
  • Likers
  • Commenters

These targeting options target usernames. For example, Followers > Usernames will target the followers of specific usernames. Followings>Usernames will target the followings of specific usernames. So, it’s up to you to manually add the usernames that you want to target for your account.

Simply scroll down on your Activity page to the Usernames section and add some usernames of popular accounts in your niche with high engagement rates.

If you’ve selected Locations under Targeting, you’ll need to manually add Locations.

Simply scroll down on your Activity page to the Locations section and add some geolocations that you’d like to target.

How does Location Targeting work?

When you target by Location you’re actually targeting media that an Instagram user has geotagged with that location.

So, for example, a tourist could geotag their photo from the Eiffel Tower, but there would be no guarantee that this user actually resides in Paris.

The best way to use Locations is to enter lots of popular locations in a city such as restaurants, bars, attractions, museums, and other locations.

To reconnect your account, simply click the More drop down menu next to your username on your Dashboard, or click reconnect on your Activity Page.

You will be prompted to enter your Instagram username and password.

If you continue to get the error, please wait 30 minutes and try again.

If you continue to get this error for more than 24 hours, please reach out to us via support form.

Card payment declined

If your Card purchase was declined, you will need to try to contact your bank to get help to understand why your transactions were declined.

Already contacted your bank and checked your cards?

Feel free to send us a support message for more detailed help regarding your payment error.

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