Targeting Strategies

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Understand your target audience.

Before you use IGplan, it’s best to do some research to understand your target audience on Instagram. Understanding the type of users you want to target will help you to use your IGplan settings in a highly strategic way. The better your strategy is, the more followers, likes, and comments you’ll get on your Instagram account.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the goal of my Instagram marketing campaign?
  • What types of Instagram users do I want my Instagram account to interact with?
  • What are the top three niches I want to target on Instagram?

Let’s say that you want to target women interested in fashion who live in France. How could you go about it? Well, you could target either hashtags in French, fashion-related hashtags, Locations in France, or the Followers of French usernames. As you can see, there are many different Targeting Settings you could test on IGplan to achieve this goal.

Of course, there is no “perfect” setting that works for everyone. Each of our users has a specific need and operates in a specific industry. That’s why we give our users all the power to manually control their Settings on IGplan.

Targeting by Tags

Many Instagram users tag their photos to make it easier for others with similar interests to find their content.

In order to understand how to best target your audience, do some research into the types of tags they may be using. Scroll through different hashtags on Instagram and see if the types of photos align with your brand and its needs. Are there lots of spammy photos in this particular hashtag category? If yes, then try something else. You want to target hashtags that are used by real accounts.

Let’s say you have an Instagram account in the Fashion/Beauty niche. You want to see what tags others in this niche are using. A good place to start may even be a simple Google search like, “Top fashion Instagram accounts.” You can then browse these accounts to see the major hashtags these users are using on their media.

And don’t let the rabbit hole end here. Check out their followers and followings to continue to see which hashtags are being used in the Fashion/Beauty niche. The Instagram marketers who are getting the most out of IGplan, are monitoring top accounts daily.

Targeting by Locations

Targeting media by Locations may make sense for you if you own a local store, or want to target users who frequent particular locations. Bear in mind that Locations refers to the geotags that Instagram users have tagged their photos with. Therefore, if you’re looking to target French Instagram users, even Locations in France may not always yield 100% French users, as many tourists also geotag their photos while traveling.

If you’re a popular local store, set your targeting to Locations and select your own store as the location. Then, you’ll only be interacting with users on Instagram who have visited your shop.

In the same vein, you could set your location to similar stores in your area. Then, you would be interacting with users who frequent similar locations. Perhaps you can entice them to visit yours!

Another way to use Locations is to target users in a particular city or region. It works best to add the most popular locations in the area. You can add up to 100!

Important information

You can’t actually select a whole city or country using IGplan Locations. You will need to select the top locations in that city based on your niche.

Targeting by Followers, Followings, Likers, Commenters of Usernames

If you want to target the Followers, Followings, Likers, and/or Commenters of particular usernames, it is imperative that you select only the highest quality usernames with the highest engagement rates.

It is best if you select usernames with very high engagement rates (likes to followers ratio). It may initially seem best to target usernames with millions of followers, but upon more careful scrutiny, you may find that these accounts aren’t getting many likes or comments on their photos and videos. Of course, this means that either their followers are not engaged, or they are fake. You don’t want to waste your IGplan Time targeting inactive users. Therefore, only add usernames with the highest engagement rates.

A good place to start when looking for high quality accounts may be a simple Google search like, “Top travel Instagram accounts”. However, this is only a good place to start. It’s up to you to continue digging on Instagram to find the best of the best. Check out which accounts these accounts are following. It may take hours of research to find the very best usernames for your industry, but it is absolutely worth it.


If you’re targeting by Likers and/or Commenters, it’s best to add more than 10 usernames to your list with the very highest engagement rates (average likes/comments per photo).