Marketing Strategies

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Engagement and relationship building strategies for Instagram.

You’re building a highly-targeted following on Instagram, but now what? You need to continually engage your followers, or you risk the chance of them unfollowing you. There are plenty of ways to engage with your followers to build relationships. Try running a contest or promotion, or shouting out other accounts on your Instagram.

Ask users to tag a friend

Experiment with descriptions for your photos and videos that urge users to take action. For example, you could post a photo of one of your products, and ask users to tag a friend who would be interested. Perhaps these friends who are tagged will be intrigued by your account and follow you. Get creative!

Host a contest

Contests are a great way to bring in new followers to your account. If you’re a shop, you can easily giveaway one of your items. You could also do a cross-promotion with one or more other shops and giveaway a bundle pack. Or, you could participate in an Instaloop giveaway. Make sure you use tags like #giveaway, #contest, and #win to attract users to your contest.

Additionally, think about the ask in terms of how users will enter your contest. Asking users to repost a photo is a very large ask, and may alienate some users. Asking users to tag a friend who might want to enter the contest in the comments is an easier ask, and allows you to follow up with the users who were tagged. Other asks could include liking your Facebook page, or leaving a comment on your blog.

Make sure that you’re transparent with your contest. Let your followers know how and when you will select the winner. It’s best if you can get a photo from the winner proving that they received the item.

Additionally, be aware that you may lose some followers after a contest. After all, some people may only be following you to enter the contest. The best way to keep those followers is to have excellent content so they want to keep following you.