Deep Engagement

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Mimic natural behavior using IGplan to engage with your followers.

When you use IGplan, you increase your chances of Instagram users noticing your account. Therefore, you’re casting a wide net by following, for example, 1,000 users at a time. What are the chances that these users will notice your follow on their Instagram notifications? This depends on the niche you’re targeting, the comments you’re using, and the time of day you’re posting.

However, there are ways to increase the chance that these users notice your account and follow you back. How? By using IGplan automation to engage as deeply as possible with the users. This means that your IGplan Activity will look like “real” activity. When users turn on their Instagram app, they will see that you’ve followed them, liked and commented on their photos, and hopefully they will then be curious to check out your account and follow you in return.

Deep engagement strategy
Step 1:

Follow 2,000 accounts using the Targeting of your choice. Our favorites are Tags and Followers > Usernames. Don’t forget to add usernames with the high engagement rates (likes per photo in relation to total followers).

Step 2:

After you’ve followed thousands of accounts, switch on Likes and Comments with your Targeting set to Followings > My Feed with a Media Age filter of 2 weeks. This means that you won’t be targeting new users, but rather engaging with the users you’ve already followed.

Step 3:

After you’ve let your Activity run until you’ve liked and commented on 2,000 accounts, you can change the Media Age to Newest, as well as the Comments, and run it again.

Step 4:

Now, it’s time to run Unfollows. Unfollow all of the users that you followed during the most recent Follow session.

Step 5:

After you’ve unfollowed everyone, you can run another deep engagement cycle of Likes only for Followers > My Account

Step 6: