The Absolute Best Times to Post on Instagram in 2019

Despite numerous changes to the Instagram algorithm, the time at which you choose to post your content will STILL make or break your engagement rates.

According to Buffer’s article “How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2018”, there are 3 primary factors that determine how your content will rank on the feed of somebody who follows you:

  • Interest- the likelihood you will be interested in the content, gauged by how frequently you engage with it
  • Timeliness – how recently your content has been posted, meaning that you want to post when your followers are most active
  • Relationship – the accounts that you frequently interact with (determined by liking/commenting, sending direct messages, and searching for certain profiles)

Great! That solves everything…except it doesn’t.

You know that timing is everything but you don’t know WHEN to post!

Not to worry – several social media giants have done the research and came up with some pretty surprising answers!

4 Social Media Powerhouses Narrow Down The Times To Post On Instagram For The Highest Engagement Rates Possible

Later, formerly Latergramme (ExpertVoice – “The Best Times To Post On Instagram”)

  • Sunday: 5pm EST
  • Monday: 7pm EST+ 10pm EST
  • Tuesday: 3am EST + 10pm EST
  • Wednesday: 5pm EST
  • Thursday: 7am EST + 11pm EST
  • Friday: 1am EST + 8pm EST
  • Saturday: 12am EST + 2am EST

Sprout Social (HubSpot – “When Is The Best Time To Post on Instagram in 2018?”)

  • Wednesday: 3pm CDT
  • Thursday: 5am CDT + 11am CDT + 3pm CDT + 4pm CDT
  • Friday: 5am CDT
  • Thursday is the best day of the week to post, while Sundays and Mondays are the worst (“What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2018?”)

  • 11am-1pm, + 2am
  • Mondays, and Wednesday-Friday are the best days of the week to post

Hootsuite (“The Best Time to Post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)

  • 12pm-1pm on Monday to Friday

How To Determine The Best Times To Post On Instagram For Your Niche Audience All By Yourself

If you have a business profile, the first thing you want to do is open up Instagram Insights. Open your business profile and click the button with numerous vertical bars at the top right.

Click on the “Audience” tab and you will get a visual chart showing which days of the week (and which times on each day) your audience is most active on Instagram.

Other third-party social media marketing software can give you further insights into the specific hours where your engagement is likely to be the highest.

Of course, if you don’t have a business profile, or you want to discover the best times to post on Instagram the old-fashioned way, it’s time to start tracking your posts.

You’ll need to track the TYPE of content you post, along with the DAY + TIME that you post it.
After 24 hours have passed, you’ll need to record how many likes and comments that post got.

So you’ll get something like this, for instance:

  • On week 1, you’ll post Content Type #1 on Monday at 5pm, Content Type #2 on Tuesday at 6pm, Content Type #3 on Wednesday at 7pm.
  • On week 2, you’ll post Content Type #1 on Monday at 6pm, Content Type #2 on Tuesday at 7pm, Content Type #3 on Wednesday at 8pm.

Rinse and repeat – if you are diligent with tracking your engagement data, you will know that there is a best DAY and a best HOUR for posting Content Type #1 (same with Types #2-3).

Keep in mind that factors such as the time zone of your audience and your niche will significantly affect your results.

Go Forth And Post!

You now have everything you need to find the personalized, magic posting time that allows you to get really high engagements for your audience.

At the end of the day, all you’re doing is optimizing your ability to give your followers exactly what they want. Good luck!