New Speed Settings

With our new Speed settings you now have more control over the specific speeds of your various IGplan Actions.

Please remember that every time you add an Instagram account to your Dashboard, you should be using the Slow setting for at least a few days and incrementally turning up the speed over time to ensure that your account is safe.

Important information

Speed settings are approximate values and may not always reflect the exact amount of Actions per hour that your account will make. The Targeting and Filters you select can influence your Actions per hour, so it’s up to you to continually test new settings to see what works best for your accounts.

Recommended Safe Speed Settings


ATTN: New users must use the Slow speed for safety for the first few days!


Recommended speed after 1 week of IGplan use.


Recommended speed for Instagram accounts that have used IGplan for more than 2 weeks.

Advanced Speed Settings


We allow a maximum of 60 Likes/hour, which would approximate equal 1,440 Likes/day.


We allow a maximum of 20 Comments/hour, which would approximate equal 480 Comments/day.


We allow a maximum of 40 Follows/hour, which would approximate equal 960 Follows/day.


We allow a maximum of 40 Unfollows/hour, which would approximate equal 960 Unfollows/day.

Delay range

Delay range will delay the range of your Actions on IGplan so your Activity will look more natural and less bot-like. We suggest a Delay range of 50-60% for users using the Slow speed and 70-90% for users using the Fast speed.

Important information

Likes, Comments, Follows and Unfollows per hour reflect speeds if your Schedule is turned on 24/7.

New users, be careful and turn up your Actions/hour gradually over time to keep your account safe.

Choose the speed that’s best for you

With IGplan you have all the power to customize your speeds based on your account’s needs.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about our new speed settings. We’d love to hear which speeds work best for you!