New Locations Search

We’ve completely rewritten our search algorithm so you can enjoy true searches by city, state, and country in addition to named locations like businesses or points of interest. And, our new click-and-search map will completely change your search experience.

Check out all the great new features in this update:

  • True search by city, state, and country (works best for U.S. locations);
  • Greatly improved search by location name: no more locations which cannot be found;
  • Improved focus on mostly grouped locations;
  • Click-and-search functionality—zoom in or out to narrow or broaden your search. You can even search for locations from the street level!

How to use the new locations search:

  1. Make sure you’re targeting media by Locations;
  2. Scroll Settings down to Locations and click “Add”;
  3. Search either by typing in a location name, or clicking on the map to zoom in and out. If you want to search by country or state level, make sure you’re zoomed out very wide. This feature works best for locations in the U.S.;
  4. Select locations by checking the boxes next to each location name;
  5. Feel free to search again and add more locations. You don’t have to click the “Add” button until you’re completely finished collecting results. All the locations you’ve checked will be saved as you continue to search more locations.