How To Write A Powerful Instagram Bio That Instantly Pulls In More Followers, Leads And Sales

Did you know that your Instagram bio can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to monetizing your page?

If you don’t believe me, Hootsuite has compiled some interesting stats in their article “24+ Instagram Statistics That Matter to Marketers in 2019” that will make you think twice:

  • 60% of users discover products on Instagram – 72% of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram
  • 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day
  • 75% of users will take action after viewing a post or bio, such as visiting a website or opting into an email list
  • 70% of people online are more likely to buy something via mobile than on a desktop computer

Like it or not, your Instagram bio is your 5-second elevator pitch. It is the one and only opportunity you have to create a lasting first impression on people who visit your page.

It is in that split second where people will decide if you are someone worth following, engaging with and possibly buying products and services from.

If your bio isn’t fully optimized for increasing your follower count and making more money…you’ll find that people don’t stick around for long.

Or in the off chance that you do manage to improve your following and engagement rates, you will still see a big fat $0 in your bank account.

If you are seriously investing your money and time into your Instagram page, you owe it to yourself to learn how to create a high-converting bio.

Here’s what a money-making Instagram bio does for your page:

  • Makes you stand out amongst the competition in your niche
  • Defines exactly who you are, what you do and who you serve
  • Attracts people in your target market while repelling uninterested people away
  • Instantly attracts attention from visitors
  • Compels people to take the action you want them to, immediately after reading it

Your bio is the hidden secret to driving a ton of warm traffic towards your website and/or your email list.

Even if every other part of your Instagram page is visually perfected and persuasive in nature, you will struggle to gain more followers and boost your sales with a crappy bio.

If your bio sucks right now, don’t worry! I’m going to show you exactly what it takes to create a rocking Instagram bio that compels and converts.

But first, a fair warning…

The #1 Instagram Bio Mistake Made By Influencers, Companies And Online Marketers

If the primary purpose of your Instagram page is to make more money, every single element on your page needs to be specifically engineered for achieving that purpose.

Your bio is not the time or place to try and sound clever, look pretty or be funny.

So I never want to see any of this nonsense in your bio:

  • “Staying up all night watching Friends” – story of my life
  • The biggest smiles come from the saddest people
  • Unpredictable, unexpected, and unorthodox
  • (insert generic quote that makes you sound ‘woke’)

With all due respect, you are not an edgy hipster with an ironic sense of humors that only 12 people in the world will find funny.

You are also not one of the Kim Kardashians.

You are certainly not an A-list celebrity who has the privilege of starting up an Instagram page from scratch, posting dull content and amassing a following of 100k in 2-3 days.

You are not on Instagram to sound cool. You are not here to share inside jokes that make sense to nobody else except for your inner circle of friends.

You are here to consistently earn profits. If a super-simple bio is what helps you monetize your page by selling more products and services, then that is all you need.

And that’s all it really takes. No more, no less.

4 Universal Elements of All High-Converting Instagram Bios

While you can expect to see some differences in what constitutes a successful Instagram bio in various niches, you are going to notice some common elements amongst all of them.

If you did nothing else but ensure each of these elements are currently in your bio, I promise you will start to see significant improvements in your follower counts at the very worst.


A 2015 study published by Microsoft Corporation reveals that people now have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

On average, people will lose concentration after 8 seconds and need to re-focus on whatever it is they are doing.

What does that mean for optimizing your bio?

It means that you have an extremely limited amount of space (150 characters MAX) and less than 2 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention.

(Yes, your clickable URL in your bio is also part of the 150 character limit)

Add the fact that Instagram is a purely mobile app, you have a real challenge on your hands.

So here are some things you can do to make your bio as easy on the eyes as possible…

Keep your sentences really short and simple

Your text must be extremely concise. The last thing you want is a long jargon-filled sentence taking up 3 lines.

Each line in your bio will have a specific purpose, and must be clearly separate from one another.

It goes without saying that every single line in your bio matters.

People need to be able to read a line and understand exactly what is being communicated after seeing it ONCE without any confusion whatsoever.

Keep all of your lines visually spaced apart

Every line needs to be clearly visible. Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep them separated from one another.

Now that you have concise text, it is crucial to project a clean appearance.

Here are some ways to easily demonstrate professionalism on your Instagram bio:

  • Manually add line breaks when writing your bio so that each line is spaced out evenly from one another.
  • Bullet points are a great way to ensure that each line stands on its own.
  • Use emojis to emphasise certain points (and further separate lines from one another), add visual appeal, and direct your audience’s attention towards a specific place.
  • Try to keep your bio to a total of 4-5 lines. This includes the link in your bio, which is in its own separate line to make it immediately visible.

Optimize your bio for its appearance on mobile, not desktop

Put simply, 99.9% of people who use Instagram are on their phones.

Your only priority is how your bio appears on your smartphone, not your computer.

If it looks awesome on mobile but crappy on desktop, you can live with it. The reverse will end up killing any opportunities to gain new followers or increase your sales.

Hootsuite featured Vancouver blogger Rebecca Bolwitt in their article “How to Write a Great Instagram Bio: Ideas, Tips, and Examples” to demonstrate all of these tips in action:

Now THAT is an attractive and clean-looking bio which caters to a specific niche!


Now that you understand how to create a universally attractive Instagram bio, it’s time to learn how to attract your target audience and repel people who aren’t interested in what you do or sell.

There are many ways to go about doing this, with some options being more appropriate for certain niches.

But here are the primary things to highlight in your bio.

What exactly is it that you do? What exactly is it that you are offering to other people?

Within a second of seeing your profile, people need to see exactly how your page provides them with the value they are looking for.

Is what you do relevant to their needs and desires? Are you selling something that they are actively on the hunt for?

Whether you are a company or a single person, this needs to be crystal clear.

Why should people engage with you specifically and nobody else?

In other words, what is your unique selling proposition? How are you different from all of the other competitors in your niche.

People won’t care about you out of the goodness of their hearts. They will follow your page or buy from you because you help them get or achieve something they desperately want NOW.

When your bio pops up, your audience should think “This is exactly what I am looking for, and I know for a fact that I am in the right place. I’m going to take the action this person is asking of me.”

Relevant keywords in your niche

If you can, try to selectively use language and keywords that resonate with your target market.

This is a secret weapon for attracting your ideal follower and turning them into your perfect customer.

The keywords re-affirm the split-second impression that you can give your audience exactly what they are looking for.

For instance, if your food is known for being 100% organic, it would be useful to have that keyword somewhere in your bio.

It won’t make a difference in terms of people searching for the keyword, but it makes a difference in converting a greater number of your initial audience into followers.

Proof of authority

If you really want to give people another reason to follow you, provide some proof that demonstrates your credibility as a reputable expert in your niche.

Here are some examples of authority-boosting bullet points you can use in your bio:

  • Mention how many sales your product has generated, or how many people you’ve helped achieve a specific goal
  • Highlight a specific goal you achieved that makes you credible in your niche (ex. Generated $250,000 in my first two years as a freelance copywriter)
  • Name-drop people and/or companies who you have personally worked with, or who endorse what you do


Here comes the fun part!

This is where – with your viewer’s attention focused solely on your bio – you have the rare opportunity to tell them exactly what to do.

Make it ridiculously clear what the next step is for the individual. If you can, try to state what they can specifically expect to get/achieve by clicking on your link.

Here are some ideas to help stir up your imagination:

  • Read a newly published blog post
  • Sign up for a webinar you’re hosting in the near future (via email opt-in)
  • Download a FREE copy of your eBook (also via opt-in)
  • Go to an affiliate link
  • Check out your recently released course
  • Visit the website where your products are up for sale
  • Contact you via the information in the line below (email address, KIK username, etc.)

You MUST directly tell people to click on your link. Your CTA is not the place for guesswork or cute little riddles. It is the place for directing more targeted traffic towards your link and possibly generating more sales.

Furthermore, your link needs to be in line with what people will get, your brand and your niche. Failure to do so will throw people off course and significantly lower your conversions.

I don’t have to tell you why a golf page linking to a free eBook about healthy cooking is a recipe for disaster. 😉

Before I move on to the last element, here are a few things to note about your CTA…

Use visual emojis in the line dedicated to your CTA that point DOWN towards the clickable link in the line below.

Not only does your text clearly state what people need to do, but the emojis pack an extra punch and will generate more clicks on your link. Extremely successful Instagrammers don’t just put them there because they look nice!

Words like “Free,” “instantly,” “sign up now,” and “today” will generally result in higher conversions.

CTAs that are short yet snappy almost always outperform generic-sounding CTAs.

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find something that generates the greatest amount of clicks.

Whatever people get by clicking on your link MUST provide a great amount of value to them.

The fastest way to lose the respect and trust of your audience is to provide them with low-quality material.

They made the effort to click on your link. They need to be rewarded with something that makes their initiative worth the while.


Believe it or not, the way you format your link can make a big difference in how many clicks it gets – EVEN if you did everything else right up to this point.

So here are some quick and dirty pointers for perfecting the last part of your Instagram bio…

Make your link as short as possible.

Considering that your link is part of the 150-character limit, you don’t want a super-long URL (it also looks visually unattractive).

Your best bet is to use a link shortener like that will condense the length of your link into something much shorter.

However, where possible, your best bet is to use a customized link where your website’s name will appear in the URL.

In other words, will always outperform with respect to click-through rates.

(Notice that we are removing http:// and www. from the URL. Shorter is better!)

Include an important keyword related to what people will get when they click on the link.

Following up from the previous point…

If you have no choice but to use a generic link shortener, make sure the name of whatever is behind your link is included in the URL.

So if you were giving away a free recipe book using, you want your URL to appear as and NOT as

This re-assures people that they are going to get precisely what is featured in your bio.

Set your link up so that it can track engagement.

If you are serious about optimizing your Instagram bio as much as you possibly can, you need hard data. There’s no way around it.

Whether you use a generic or branded link, you need a service in place that will accurately track how many clicks your link is receiving.

There are multiple metrics that you can track for your link depending on your end goals. This article is not the place to discuss all of them in great detail, as each metric tells you a different story.

(For instance, a conversion rate is the ratio of people who buy your product (or opt-in) after clicking your link to the ratio of people who clicked your link but took no action).

The main point is to have a reliable mechanism in place through which you can gauge the effectiveness of your bio in getting people to do exactly what you want them to do.

BONUS: How To EASILY Create Your Own Niche-Specific, Profit-Pulling Instagram Bio Templates Out Of Thin Air

Here’s a really easy way to generate Instagram bio templates from scratch that guarantee high conversion rates and can be re-used over and over again.

Make a list of all of your favorite Instagram profiles. For maximum results, try to stay within the niche you are marketing to.

(If you don’t have any favorites right now, that’s OK. Simply hop on to Instagram and search around for some profiles).

Take special note of all the pages where the bio is captivating. Specifically look for ones where there is a link towards something and you personally feel compelled to click on it.

BONUS: Try to put yourself in the shoes of your perfect customer and imagine having their fears and desires as part of your personality. If you were them, would you click on the link?

For each Instagram bio that captivates you, you are going to do two things:

1) You are going to write down ALL of the reasons that you felt compelled.

Now is not the time to hold back.

Was there a statement that hit your emotional triggers? Did it offer something that you’ve spent a lot of time looking for? Is there a statement of authority that convinced you of the profile’s legitimacy?

Write every single thing down.

2) Break down the bio line by line, explaining what each line is clearly communicating to the reader and how it is formatted.

Let’s look at how these two steps are applied in real time…

Suppose that I’m somebody who is really into online marketing and I specialize in creating videos that increase viewer engagement and generate more sales.

I type in “#youtubemarketing” into Instagram’s search bar and I come across this particular post:

Ok, I read through the caption and I’m convinced that this person can help me achieve my marketing goals. Now it’s time to head over to their profile:

(NOTE:Follower count is important and it’s equally important that the page is consistently posting high-quality content with good engagement rates. However, this exercise is meant to help you go beyond hard numbers and examine the emotional appeal of the profile.)

Here, we have a simple 5-line bio that’s short and sweet. I’m going to break it down right now:

LINE 1: Sunny – Marketing Expert

  • This line is in bold – it’s merely her name and her title.
  • If it were up to me, I would be more specific with the title. Rather than “Marketing Expert,” I might go with “The #1 Authority On YouTube Marketing” or “The YouTube Marketing Gal.” Online marketers are a dime a dozen, so niching down really tells people how you can specifically help them (or not).

LINE 2: Named @Forbes Top 20 YouTube Channel that will Change your Biz

  • This line uses an emoji as a bullet point, the one with an arrow in the box that points towards the statement
  • It highlights her most important marketing achievement while name-dropping a well-known organization. This adds both credibility and authority to her brand
  • No complex jargon – just one short sentence that makes it instantly clear why you should be following her

LINE 3: Founder YouTube for Bosses #YT4Bosses & #byoBOSS

  • This line uses a more friendly emoji
  • She mentions that she is the author of two online courses and includes the unique hashtags associated with them.
  • If I don’t have an online course yet, I might outline my mission statement in more detail or even put in a second yet equally relevant accomplishment/result of mine

LINE 4: click for free training

  • The emoticon being used is clearly pointing towards the URL on Line 5. You can also use 1 or 2 emojis where the URL is being clearly pointed to. The main point is that the written CTA is accompanied by a visual aid
  • This is her call to action, where she clearly tells you that you can access free training by clicking on the link
  • Personally, if I had enough room, I might be more specific with this. Something like “click for free training on getting 1,000 YT subscribers from scratch”


  • Pay special attention to the way the URL is formatted – it is NOT done by accident!
  • The link is branded, the important keyword is there, and as a professional marketer she likely has a tracking mechanism in place to give her the metrics she needs

Let’s wrap all the amazing insights above into a simple, easy-to-memorize template that we can use for our own Instagram bio:

LINE 1: [State your name and a specific title that tells people exactly what you do / how you serve people]

  • Make sure it stands out in some way, such as bolding the line.

 LINE 2: [List a specific accomplishment that is relevant to your title in Line 1 and/or the niche you are trying to serve]

  • Ultra-specificity in the form of numbers and time passed are ideal for higher conversions
  • Use a stand-out emoticon that visually attracts attention to this statement

 LINE 3: [List a book, course or company you are the author/founder of]

  • If you don’t have this, outline your niche-specific mission statement in more detail or even put in a second yet equally relevant accomplishment/result
  • Use an emoticon that is attractive yet contrasts in color from the emoticon in Line 2 for improved readability
  • If you have a hashtag that is unique to you and your brand, insert it here

LINE 4: [Create a call to action that explains exactly what people will get if they click on your link]

  • You MUST directly tell people to click on the link. Attention spans are getting shorter than ever
  • Your emoticon(s) in this line have to point towards the link below it
  • People love getting things for “FREE”
  • Make sure you are as specific as possible about what people will get/learn if they click on the link

 LINE 5: [Insert your custom-made URL that takes people towards what you promised in LINE 4]

  • A branded URL that is shortened and includes the keyword will give you the highest conversions
  • Don’t forget to have a tracking mechanism installed in place!

Feel free to repeat this exercise as many times as you can. Repeat it enough times and I guarantee that one of the two things will happen:

The first is that you will have amassed several high-converting templates in your niche to see the same elements popping up. It could be the use of certain fonts, emojis or keywords. Or it could be the specific order in which certain things are laid out.

The second thing that will happen, whether the first thing happens or not, is this:

You will have a much better idea of what works on Instagram RIGHT NOW when it comes to bios and exactly why it works.

You will be able to better predict which people are on their way towards a highly successful IG bio (or already there) simply because they are doing the right things.

(NOTE: This excludes people who are very obviously paying for fake followers, which can be easily determined by inputting their names into

There may be differences between niches with respect to bios, but they will all have roughly the same intent and structure.

You should emulate them (NOT copy them) and build your own unique yet persuasive brand. Over time, you will try out different variations until you find an original template that works just right for you.

If you installed the tracking mechanism on your clickable URL as previously instructed, you will be able to quickly A/B test your bio and see what works the best.

It’s Time To Make The Greatest First (Online) Impression Ever!

Your Instagram bio is much like a well-designed business card…

It tells people exactly who you are and what you do.

It obviously reveals the types of people you serve and how you serve them.

But above all else, it makes it extremely easy of people to take a desired action.

There’s no denying that your Instagram bio holds a lot of weight for your success on the platform. You have to achieve multiple things with just 150 characters – not an easy feat!

Nobody ever said that attracting targeted traffic and repeat buyers to your page happens overnight.

At least not until now – with this article by your side, you know everything there is to know about creating a high-converting Instagram bio regardless of your industry or what you’re selling.