How To Stay Safe

As you may know, some Instagram usernames have been recently affected with an issue in regards to the Likes action not working.

Important information

If your account is completing all actions except Likes, please click Stop and keep the username stopped for at least 36 hours. Then, turn it on again with Likes on 30 Likes/Hr. or less.


Filters can slow down your Activity. Do not use Filters if you want your Activity to run as fast as possible.

We have been investigating this issue to understand why only these certain usernames were affected.

For the most part, we have found that usernames were temporarily blocked from the Likes action due to various actions that we have outlined in our Recommended Settings for New Users, such as:

  • Not starting out with the Slow speed
  • Going too fast with the Likes action
  • Doing manual actions while IGplan is running
  • Using other 3rd party automation tools in addition to IGplan
  • Using spammy Comments
  • Creating lots of similar spammy usernames to promote products

We’d like to explain in more detail how to add usernames to IGplan to keep your accounts safe.

Basically, when using automation, it’s important to mimic natural activity. If, all of a sudden, there is a giant spike in your Instagram activity, such as liking 60 photos per hour every hour of the day – it will be obvious to Instagram that you are using automation.

It’s better to fly under Instagram’s radar and use conservative actions/hr. over time to interact with targeted accounts and build your followings naturally.

We recommend that you mimic natural activity with your IGplan Activity

Our recommendations:

  • When you add a username to your Dashboard, use Likes only and the Slow speed for at least 3 days
  • After 3 days move your speed to Medium but do not set on Fast until 7 days have passed
  • Use at least 20 short, generic comments

When you add a username to your Dashboard, use Likes only and Slow

There seems to be some misunderstandings amongst users about how to add usernames to the Dashboard.

Whenever you add a username to the Dashboard, you must use the Recommended Settings. You must use the Recommended Settings regardless of the age of the Instagram username, or the amount of followers the username has, or whether or not the username has used automation before.

It is imperative that you start each username on Slow and Likes only for at least a few days.

Many users who keep their accounts very safe will use Slow and the Likes action only for at least a week. It is very important to build up your activity over time.

Use at least 10 short, generic Comments

If you’ve chosen to use Comments, you should add at least 10 short, generic comments. And of course you should not be using anything except Likes for the first few days to a week. So, in the second week, if you’d like to add Comments, please delete our pre-filled list of comments that we added as examples, and add your own.

Instagram does not tolerate spammy comments. So, if you’re using long, and/or spammy comments, you may end up temporarily blocked by Instagram.

Examples of spammy comments:

  • Please visit our page and like our photos!
  • Visit our website and buy XYZ!
  • Visit our page to enter to win a free gift package!!!
  • I really love your photos. Have you ever thought about purchasing an XYZ? Please visit our page and like our photos. We’re offering a discount #myproduct

Examples of short, non-spammy comments:

  • Nice photos!
  • Cool, I like this one a lot
  • Love your pics 🙂
  • Really cool!

Additionally, if you’re managing lots of Instagram usernames, please do not use the exact same list of Comments for each username.

Have at least 20 photos on your account, as well as a name and bio

Instagram can very easily detect spammy accounts. So, if you have a new Instagram username with only a few photos on it, and you try to run automation on that account, chances are that it will be deleted.

Be sure you have a name and a bio, as well as at least 20 photos and/or videos on a username before adding it to IGplan.

If you are managing multiple usernames, please be sure not to add the exact same photos to each username.

Communicate expectations with your clients

Many of you are social media managers who manage multiple accounts. Therefore, it’s up to you to communicate with your clients about how they should use their accounts.