How to Research Hashtags on Instagram

IGplan helps you to automatically interact with your target audience on Instagram. You have all the power to define what types of Instagram users IGplan will interact with by defining your targeting on your IGplan Activity page.

IGplan targeting allows you to select how you will interact with users and media on Instagram. For example, you can select Hashtags, Locations, Followers, Followings, Likers and/or Commenters and your IGplan account will Like, Comment, Follow and/or Unfollow based on the criteria you set.

Let’s say you want to target users based on hashtags. You’d select Hashtags under Targeting and then add your Hashtags. However, how do you know which hashtags to use? Our best users who get the greatest ROI out of IGplan are the ones who have researched the best hashtags that make the most sense for reaching their target audience.

Research the best Instagram hashtags on Google

It’s a good idea to start out with some Google searches for your niche. For example, let’s say your Instagram account is in the fashion niche.

You would most likely frame your search queries as:

  • Best Instagram fashion accounts
  • Top Instagram accounts fashion
  • Best fashion hashtags Instagram

Then, you could go through these accounts and take note of the hashtags they’re using. You could even take it a step further and check out the accounts they’re following and the hashtags they use.

Please note that researching hashtags does take time, and the more thorough research you conduct, the greater impact your IGplan activity will have on your Instagram account.

How to research Instagram hashtags using IGplan

Luckily, it’s also super easy to research Tags directly on your IGplan Activity page under the Tags popup. Simply type in a hashtag and click Search to see it and related hashtags, along with the number of media for that hashtag conveniently displayed. You can even click through on hashtags to open a new tab on Instagram, so you can further your research into the hashtag.

How do you know which hashtags are the best?

Take your time to scroll through hashtags on Instagram to see if the type of media posted under that particular hashtag is relevant and high quality. When was the last media posted on this hashtag? Is this hashtag still being used?