How To Lock On A Highly Profitable Niche For Your Instagram Page

Setting up an Instagram account is the easiest thing in the world and it takes only a few seconds.

Just think about it: You don’t have to pay a cent to create an account that could potentially make you tons of money.

However, be warned!

If you are dead serious about monetizing your Instagram page from the start, it might be a good idea to invest some extra time and effort into creating your account.

Specifically, a wise person would get crystal-clear on the niche they wish to pursue, and whether that niche has any profitability over the span of several years.

Your niche will determine everything else: The name you choose for yourself, the logo you design, the content you create, the influencers you network with, and far more.

I cannot tell you how many aspiring marketers have achieved sub-par results across every aspect of Instagram because they failed to niche down.

On the other hand, the people I knew who skyrocketed their growth and turned Instagram into a profitable full-time online business had chosen ONE niche to dominate.

If you are serious about maximizing your success as a highly successful Instagram marketer, you owe it to yourself to read this post and learn about finding the niche that best suits you.

One of the biggest marketing mistakes I see people make is that they are trying to be everything to everyone.

They do an awful job of repelling the people who would never buy from them or engage with them, and they’re even worse at trying to attract their ideal customer.

Take Ramit Sethi, the influential multi-million dollar online marketer who presents radically unconventional yet proven systems for business success.

In one of his case studies, he shared an insight about niche marketing that nails it on the head:

“Big corporations make the same mistake all the time. They throw millions of dollars into a product they’re convinced everyone will want. Then they stand there slack-jawed when no one wants it.

Counterintuitively, for most products and services, the more specific you are, the more sales you can make.

For example, think about personal trainers. Who’s going have more success?

  • The trainer who promises everyone and anyone that working out will make them feel better
  • The trainer who promises 20-something men they’ll double the size of their biceps in four months

That’s the paradox of niching down your offering. The more specific your niche is, the easier it is to sell and the more you can charge. This is an extremely complex area, but that’s a simple example.”

Now that you know about the importance of niching down, let’s go over a few facts that further explain what it means to be in a highly profitable niche.

Niche Fact #1: The Basic Economic Law Of Supply And Demand Is Relevant

I remember listening to a lecture from a 7-figure copywriter who talked about the importance of choosing a niche where you will be paid well for your products and services.

He was specifically talking to people who aspired to become content marketers, but his wisdom applies equally towards profitable Instagram niches.

To paraphrase the main theme of the lecture:

Like it or not, economics apply when it comes to niching down. There are certain niches that will always pay more, and those that will always pay less.

That means you can reasonably enter the finance niche and command top fees for things like blog posts, emails, and other forms of copywriting.

Now, if that’s not your passion, and you’d rather write for non-profits instead, that’s perfectly OK. But it is unreasonable to go in with the expectation that you will be able to charge hundreds of dollars for a single blog post.

So what are these niches that will always be profitable? Where are these evergreen niches that seem to always flourish regardless of a country’s growth or recession, and only continue to increase in demand?

Those are great questions to consider. Let’s jump into Niche Fact #2 and explore some of these profitable niches.

Niche Fact #2: You Will Never Go Wrong With The Trifecta Of Health, Wealth & Love, one of the largest and most reliable authority websites on the Internet for affiliate marketing, reveals 3 niches that will forever be profitable.

And many of the sub-categories within these 3 niches are also worthwhile pursuits. The 3 niches are as follows:


Don’t be fooled by the pictures of gorgeous men and women flexing their muscles as hard as they can.

The health niche on Instagram is extremely diverse and jam-packed with content creators who help you get fitter and healthier in an infinite number of ways.

Just take a look at Maria from Fitness Reloaded (@fitnessreloaded), who manages to shine by exclusively focusing on nutrition:

Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, she decides to niche further down and help people with a specific part of their health journey.

If you take a few seconds to expand your mind and brainstorm other subcategories of health, you’ll be shocked at what you come up with!

You could teach people how to take better care of their skin, ward off common diseases, or even get better at playing baseball!

  • LOVE

Love is in the air 365 days a year, and many times we go to great lengths to attract an ideal partner.

You could certainly join the ranks of the influencers who teach men and women how to bring out the best in themselves and feel more confident through the power of makeup.

And you could use your sixth sense in fashion to show people how to rock their wardrobe in style.

But what if you’re struggling with your dating life and want to learn the secrets to a fulfilling relationship? Where are the romantic stories affirming that true love is indeed possible?

That’s where the good folks at Gentlemenhood (@gentlemenhood) come in:

Even from the three quotes you see in the picture above, there’s something valuable for both men and women.

The world is full of contradictory dating advice and useless tips, and more people are lost when it comes to their love lives. A good quote or two from this page may be all you need to get back on your feet and give your love life a second shot!


Money, money, money. Everybody wants to make more of it, and when they already have it, they want to protect it!

Some people are actively trying to gain control of their finances and discover the secrets of making a high income. In that case, they’ll be more attracted to the finance niche and everything it has to offer.

Others simply want to look at pictures of other people’s expensive travels and live their lives vicariously through their pictures. If so, there are plenty of accounts available to help people indulge in their wildest fantasies.

But we want to highlight 3 accounts which we think are KILLING it in their respective niches.

There’s Taylor Manning (@thetaylormanning), a business and entrepreneurship mentor who shares secrets of making a 6-figure income at the young age of 20 years old:

If you’re somebody on the real estate side, we strongly recommend you check out Real Estate Worldwide (@realestateglobal) and their showcase of the world’s most breathtaking luxury properties:

And last but certainly not least, if you want to escape into the world of luxurious living where people own material objects of far greater value than many individuals entire net worth, Luxury All Over The Place (@luxurymasters) will help you out:

Now, does all of the above sound shallow? You bet it does.

But these three niches speak to the most deep, unconscious fears and desires of the human population.

We’re always worried that we don’t look good enough, die early because of some awful disease, or even fall victim to a condition that lowers our quality of life.

We’re scared of the possibility that we may never find lasting love in our lives, so we’ll do anything and everything in our power to keep it around (even if it hurts us and others).

And who doesn’t lay awake at night wondering what they’re going to do about their financial situation? What about the feeling of inferiority that comes around when all of your friends make more money than you do?

With that said…

Instagram has three specific niches that have been proven to generate massive profits. The communities surrounding these niches are HUGE, and there’s ample opportunity to be found.

They are as follows: Success (Motivation, Self-Improvement, etc.), Pets and Religion.

However, just a fair warning:

All of the niches mentioned above are also the most DIFFICULT to grow in.

The Pareto Principle applies – 20% of all the accounts own 80% of the success.

If you are serious about making it in these niches, get ready to roll up your sleeves and WORK!

Niche Fact #3: Never Underestimate The Power & Profitability Of “Micro-Niches”

One of the most famous essays of all time in online marketing is “1,000 True Fans” by Kevin Kelly.

The main thesis is that to be a successful creator who makes a living, you only need a thousand true fans.

True fans are people who will buy anything that you sell. As a super-simple example, if you profit an average of $100 per true fan, you can make $100,000 per year.

These are the diehard people who will ride with you until the day you are gone from this Earth. They are the superfans who will rave about you endlessly to their friends and family.

Elise Darma, an Instagram expert who helps businesses achieve their goals through Instagram, discovered that “micro” niches are full of untapped financial potential.

Specifically, she identified 5 niches where people she personally knows are getting high levels of engagement (and lucrative business deals) with far less than 100,000 followers.

Followers do not always equal dollars. You are far better off making more money with a much smaller following, than to be famous yet broke.    

As long as you have monetization options available to you (affiliate marketing, selling your products, selling shoutouts, etc.), you will be golden.

With that said, it follows that growing your account (along with growing others) will set you up for far more money-making opportunities.

Ok – time to pick a niche!

Niche-Finding Step #1: Define Who You Are And What You Stand For

Just like Goldilocks in “The Three Bears,” you want to make sure that you get your niche just right.

You don’t want to be so broad that you market yourself to everybody and spread yourself thin in the process.

However, you don’t want to be so niched down that your interest is only limited to 100 people in the entirety of human existence.

Another part of getting your niche down right is to define your core demographic, otherwise known as your target market.

You need to know where your prospects are, both in the world and on Instagram. Do you see any pages they spend a lot of time engaging with? What kind of content are those pages sharing?

You need to know their age and gender. The way you speak to a millennial who loves travel will not be the same way you talk to someone in their late 40s or 70s who wants to get healthier.

Massive-sized communities exist on Instagram, regardless of the niche you wish to pursue. It’s just a matter of being crystal-clear about what you can offer, and knowing where your target market is lurking.

Bluntly, Instagram is not the place to try and be a pioneer. It will not bode well for your growth, or your bank account. Profitable markets have already been developed for you over several years – take advantage of it!

For instance: “I am going to be marketing to 18-25 year old males within the USA who are interested in getting shredded and stronger at the same time. I stand for optimal health, jaw-dropping looks and high standards when it comes to overall fitness.”  

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, this is the key to attracting your true fans while repelling away people who wouldn’t bother giving you the time of day.

Niche-Finding Step #2: Test Demand

Wouldn’t it be awesome to test-drive a niche and see if it’s already making a good amount of money before you even consider it?

There are two easy options you can use to test a niche, especially if it’s not any of the ones previously mentioned in this article.

And while Instagram scouting is your best bet, sometimes you need some extra third-party validation:

This website is a haven for affiliate marketing products that you can sell and earn a commission on.

Go to “Affiliate Marketplace” and enter in your niche idea, making sure that you filter results on the basis of “Gravity.” A higher Gravity score indicates a product which sells very well with regards to volume.

Seeing multiple products with high Gravity scores is the surest sign that you are in the right niche.

This is a killer tip that I got from Neil Patel while browsing his website for keyword research tools.

If you use this tool, go to “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”. Enter three primary keywords that are highly relevant to your niche and click “Get ideas.”

These are the three variables you are looking for: HIGH number of “Average monthly searches,” HIGH “Competition” and HIGH “Suggested Bid.” 

Generally, if you see a bid of $10 or more, it means that the returns are many more times that. The demand is definitely there, and you should go for it.

Niche-Finding Step #3: Choose The Most Profitable Problems To Solve

You’ve defined your niche and you know that the money is there. What’s next?

Marketing thought leader Chris Ducker advises his clients to spend a good amount of time identifying and deeply understanding profitable problems.

What does this mean?

It means spending a lot of time on third-party websites, forums, review blogs and far more. Google will be your ally in this.

Even if your niche is extremely profitable, the fact of the matter is that some problems are simply more profitable than others.

Your target market may be unwilling to pay to solve a certain type of problem, while generously forking over all of their hard-earned cash for another problem.

Here are some of the questions you should seek to answer:

  • What exactly are the core problems of my audience?
  • What are they ACTUALLY looking for in a solution?
  • What are the key words and phrases that keep coming up when these problems are being described?
  • What is wrong with the products currently in my niche that aim to solve these problems?
  • What kind of content is my target market hungry for?

Answer these questions thoroughly, and you will never have to worry if you are providing real value to your audience.

You’ll also know exactly which products and services should be advertised to your audience.

A Final Word About Niches

Even with all of the information you now have at your disposal, please remember that no niche is perfect. Every niche will have its ups, while also having its fair share of problems.

It comes down to an honest evaluation of how badly you want to be in a niche, and if its problems are something you can confidently handle for over a long period of time.

At the end of the day, what makes or breaks your success is a positive mental attitude. The most profitable niche and the most hyper-engaged market cannot help somebody who is unwilling to do the work needed to succeed.

Follow and execute the plan. The Instagram platform is as simple as it gets, and there’s no need to over-complicate things. Put in the work now, reap in the rewards later.

As Bruce Lee once said: “The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.”