Gender Filter

You asked and we listened. We’re proud to unveil a new feature our team has been working on for some time, which allows you to target Instagram users and media based on gender.

Adjust your Targeting to work with gender

Now, you can filter your Targeting by gender. For example, if you’ve selected Tags under Targeting, you will now only interact with users based on selected tags who match your gender criteria.

If you’ve selected Locations, as another example, you’ll only interact with users who have geotagged their media with the Locations you enter, as well as who meet your gender criteria.

Examples of how to use the Gender filter

For brands that target a specific gender

Whether you’re a makeup company, or a men’s fashion company, you want to ensure that you’re interacting with your specific target audience on Instagram. With the new Gender filter, you can easily target the customers who matter to you.

For example, if you’re an online shop that sells VIP watches, you’ll probably want to target males. You can select a combination of Tags, Locations, Followers, Followings, Likers, and/or Commenters as your Targeting. Now, you can also set the Gender filter to Male to ensure you’re only targeting males within your Targeting parameters.

As another example, if you’re a handbag brand, you’ll probably want to target females. You can similarly target females within your Targeting parameters. The best way to optimize your results from IGplan is to test different strategies to see what converts the best. To target females who might be interested in handbags, you could test:

  • Followers > Usernames — top handbag brands
  • Tags — top fashion tags
  • Locations — designer stores in top cities
  • Followers > Usernames — top fashion models
  • Followers > Usernames — top women’s fashion magazines
  • Likers/Commenters > Usernames — top women’s fashion magazines

Test males vs females to see what works best for your account

Let’s say you’re a personal account, and you’re female. It may make sense for you to target other females, depending on your niche. However, you may also want to target males, based on the types of images that you share on Instagram. As you may guess, guys may be more apt to follow girls.

One good strategy is to test targeting females for a few days and measure the impact on your account, and then compare that with targeting males. Whichever gender yields the best results may be the best gender to target in order to optimize your IGplan usage.