With IGplan you have the ability to send a direct message to each new Instagram user that follows you.

When a new Instagram user follows you, a random message will be selected from your list and sent to your new follower in the form of a direct message (DM).

Important Information

Don’t enter spammy messages that include web addresses, links, or intense marketing language. Make your messages as natural as possible, like something you would write if you were sending each message by hand. Using emojis can also help to make your messages appear more natural.

Try to make your list of messages as different as possible. This will help your a direct messages to seem more natural.

Keep in mind that your direct message is the first impression you will make on your new follower. Simply greet your new follower the same way you would as when you meet a new person in real life.

Add Messages

Scroll down to Message on your Activity page and click the Add button. To add multiple Messages simply separate each message with a semicolon. Then, click the blue Add button. You should add at least 10 short and simple messages.

Message restrictions
  • The length of your message should not exceed 140 characters.
  • Warning: Messages longer than 140 characters will cause your direct messages to go spam, and may result in your account being blocked by Instagram.
  • The message cannot contain any links (urls, web addresses).
  • The message should not contain a marketing message.
  • The message should not say, “check out my bio,” or contain any other call to action.
Delete all Messages at once

If you want to delete all your messages in one go, simply click the drop down arrow next to the Add button under messages. Here you can select Delete all messages.