Activity Log

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Complete transparency for all your actions on IGplan.

The Activity Log allows you to monitor all the actions that IGplan is completing on your behalf. We are fully transparent with you about your automated activity with IGplan. On the Activity Log page you can easily see your actions, starting with the most recent, and even filter by specific actions, such as Likes, Comments, Follows and Unfollows.

How to use the Activity Log

Access the Activity Log by clicking the “More” dropdown next to your username on your IGplan Dashboard.

You can also access the Activity Log by clicking on the upper right of your Activity Page.

On the Activity Log, you can see all the actions that IGplan has taken on your behalf such as Likes, Comments, Follows, and Unfollows.

Important information

Additionally, you can click any of the images to visit the Instagram page where you can unlike, etc. as needed.